Conspiracy-Winds Of Change

A thriller that follows a son's journey to uncover the mysterious death of his father, which leads to unmasking a government conspiracy.

Set in a fictional modern city in present day Zimbabwe, “Conspiracy –Winds of Change” is a thrilling journey that follows a son’s quest to uncover the mysterious death of his father. Set against a political background the story unravels a tug of war between two political powerhouses aiming at claiming the presidential hot seat.

The main character Muzi Khaya is set up for murder and incarcerated in the country’s most notorious prison where he uncovers the key to his father’s death. Hunted by an assassin for hire, he breaks out of prison and starts a revolutionary crusade to overthrow the autocratic rule in his country and bringing his father’s killers to justice.

Secrets are exposed, alliances are built and tested, blood is spilt, love is kindled and honour is rewarded as no stone is left unturned in this journey to freedom.

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About The Author

The man behind this action packed fiction novel, Darlingnton Tawanda Sibanda hails from Hwange in Zimbabwe. Born in the arid town and raised by grandparents, after both his parents took up jobs in big cities.

Put crudely, Darlington is the fictional arm of the globalization of Zimbabwean culture. Before him, its popular fiction had been rooted in established genres – crime fiction, historical novels, and other thrillers. Like famous world writers, Darlington blasted aside such boundaries, mirroring, as he did so, the rise of the modern Zimbabwean blockbuster.

Wow very inspiring indeed! This book could well influence the political landscape not just of our country but of all africa. I haven’t read it or bought it but I can tell what its vision is about. Impressive stuff!!

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